Inscapes was formed in 2010 in Auroville. It is led by Tejaswini Mistri- Kapoor. The principal architect has an experience of more than 13 years as a result at Inscapes we do not believe in favouring one particular style, But synthesize a broad range of fundamental concerns like Humane space, Construction integrity with solutions based on site conditions, climate, building material and technology, environmental responsibility also Beauty and aesthetics.

We are happy to have a tightly knit working method for a small studio. This helps us in substantial participation in all projects. The buildings we produce come from a detailed understanding of the functions they must fulfil, the conditions they have to provide and the materials from which they are constructed. This understanding is directly translated into form and detail.

Our ultimate goal is to design buildings and environments that work, inspire people and transform communities. Through careful evaluation of relevant opportunities the inspired ideas will drive a good design to something that is extraordinary, challenging, and completely unique.

As the work progresses through the design phases, close contact with the client is maintained to assure that there is agreement at every step on the way. Our designs are innovative and are precisely tuned to the requirements of the client.

Being part of Auroville, Inscapes believes in experimentation in the various aspects of architecture depending largely on the knowledge bank Auroville has. With each project we learn more about creating forms and places, serving processes and people, and minimising energy use in providing comfortable and healthy environments.

We are constantly developing new components, exploring new ways of using materials, and developing innovative environmental responses. Our objective is to search for optimal solutions to create a built environment that uses the planet’s resources carefully.

The results are functional, economic and elegant.