Beach resort in Vengurla

Vengurla is a town in Sindhudurg Dist. of Maharashtra, just north of Goa, which has rich cultural values.

Having the site within 200mts from the ocean, it becomes a ‘no development’ zone.

This meant no concrete, no foundation, and extreme care to be taken to curb dune formations.

Keeping in mind the local skills and material availability, Jungle Wood for main structure

Laterite stones for weight in foundations without the usage of any binding materials, Bamboo for under structure and Thatch for roofing (self treated grass) are the materials which were used for construction.

Landscape and Hardscape –

To keep sand intact and undisturbed, laterite retaining contour has been designed and TDEF species has been planted. Immense usage of rocks along the pavilion helps in retaining contour to hold sand and planted TDEF species along it.

Spaces that are completed include 20 cottages (10 for the first phase), Kitchen, Restaurant, Reception, Admin office, Adventure ground for water-related activities, Spa, swimming pool, Multipurpose Space to host big groups & Parking.

Vengurla, Maharashtra


Special feature
Within Coastal Regulatory Zone- 200m (CRZ)

Year of Completion

Site- Area
5 Acres

Mr. Narvekar
Project Manager: Mr. Mani