Kang's Residence

The cane plays an important role in the livelihood of geriatrics by making itself an extension of the users. So the utilitarian aspects of a cane has been manifested physically as an extension of architecture itself.The idea of architectural cane has been manifested into the habitat very subtly so that the geriatric users feel independent.

The design part has been articulated in such a way that the programs of the residence are wrapped around semi-open spaces which blurs the boundary between inside and outside. These spatial manifestations spawn the notion of objective and subjective contemplation of scenic beauty of the site and which can be achieved by geriatric users without any effort while they are inside the house. These spaces include veranda at the front, indoor garden abutting the living room, veranda at the backyard, and a niche with feature pond that connects both bedrooms.



Special feature
Geriatric Conditions, Rainwater Harvesting

Year of completion

Built-up area
188.1 sq.m

Mr. Palaniswamy