Zostel Pondicherry, located just on Auroville Road, is a known hostel chain for relaxing getaway specifically for socializing and delivering a sense of freedom. The intent was to uplift a space by incorporating Pondicherry’s design elements, especially arches and vibrant colored paints and yet respect the uniqueness of Auroville.

The good atmosphere, reflective thinking, art, aesthetics, and especially sustainability along with the vibes of Pondicherry. Upcycling materials was the main focus during the redesign process with a belief that this is one of the sustainable ways of building; therefore, an old boat had been turned into seating, old wooden windows/shutters were restored to serve as walls, and metal drums were used to shore up the tabletop, waste wooden pallets are converted to seating.

Artworks, interacting, and lounging spaces for a coterie of people to promote a young & fresh mindset. Every room/ space has a peculiar name with a pun intended via language/ pronunciation; for example-

It is a G+3 story building for 60 beds with dormitories , private rooms, common hangout spaces, corridors, kitchen, and also a terrace lounge. The building’s scheme of colors alters the hostel’s atmosphere. Blue and hues of blue to connect seamlessly with the atmosphere and beaches, green to favor relaxation, and yellow tones to enhance a sense of natural light, making the space feel more welcoming.

Pondicherry – Auroville Road

Hospitality / Interiors

Year of Completion

Built-up Area
1400 sq mt